Thermo-Tab Smart Imaging Unit
Thermo-Tab Smart Imaging UnitThermo-Tab Smart Imaging UnitThermo-Tab Smart Imaging Unit

Thermo-Tab Smart Imaging Unit

Starting at $995.00 per unit*
* price does not include stand shown in photos

  • Non-contact temperature screening
  • Reliable, rapid, and easy to use
  • Scans from a stand-off distance of 12-24 inches.
  • Temperature is scanned and recorded in under 3 seconds
  • Visual & Audible temperature reading and alarm at device and where device is monitored when temperature is over a pre-selected threshold.
  • Supports multi-device management and data upload to cloud or local server storage. Data connection can be ethernet or wifi.
  • Data records (photo/name, time, temperature, location) can be saved for review and contact tracing.
  • Other audible instructions can be broadcast such as, “Please wear your mask.”
  • Option for security door access control available (additional $45 per unit).

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