Minno has a solution for almost every customer, whether it’s off-the-shelf or a custom design.       

Device Considerations

  • Operating System: Android or Windows, consumer, pro, or IoT  (Internet of Things) versions. Windows IoT allows a company to lock the device to a specific application and provides extra control and security over its use.
  • Battery Life: Ranges from 4 to 12 hours (7-8 hours is typical), depending on battery size and quality, designed efficiency and screen size. Batteries are heavy, so longer life adds weight to a device.
  • Connectivity: Almost all devices have Wi-Fi connectivity ( a dual band antenna is critical for reliable connection). Many can also connect to a cellular network but require a carrier account.  Connecting by Wi-Fi to a cell phone or other portable “hot spot” can be a cost-effective compromise.
  • Processor Speed: Powerful processors (CPU and GPU) provide faster performance. Some tablets have processors equal to  laptops. But high power processing adds cost. Many app-based functions or cloud-based platforms don’t require high processing power for a responsive user-experience.
  • Keyboard: A “2-in-1” device has a detachable keyboard that converts the tablet to a laptop for writing and data entry. When the  keyboard is detached, the device reverts to touch-screen function.
  • RAM: RAM makes your tablet more responsive running its OS and switching between applications. But it comes with a cost, so only buy what you need.  Windows generally requires more RAM than Android.
  • Screen Resolution: More pixels enable a higher resolution image. For 10” screens and larger, viewing movies and photos is best with at least “full HD” (1,920 x 1,080 pixels). Small screen sizes (7” or 8”) are often too small to perceive higher resolution so you may not want to bother.
  • Screen Size: Larger screens are more comfortable for viewing movies, drawing, viewing data and data input. Screen size also increases the weight and cost of the tablet.
  • Data and File Storage: Tablets have built-in solid state memory (SSD) for local, “on-device” storage. A micro SD card slot enables extended, removable memory. Many companies prefer cloud storage for security and cost savings.

Device Packaging

Minno ships devices in bulk or gift boxes, or we can design custom packaging for your needs. 

Boost Your Brand

Minno can white label your devices with your own brand on the boot-up screen and the exterior of the tablet to promote your brand or simply present the look of your company’s solution.

Custom Tablets and Hardware Solutions

Some clients need a device uniquely designed for their use case. Minno offers custom devices, built to specifications of our clients. Depending on the order quantity (normally requires 1,000 unit MOQ), non-recurring engineering fees may be required for customization. We will work with you to create a Product Requirement Document (PRD) to document the exact requirements. Then we’ll work with our manufacturers to develop a quote, options and timeline.  

Sample Devices

We are often asked to provide tablet samples for evaluation.  Minno’s sample program allows customers to purchase one or a small number of our standard devices for testing.  In the case of a customization project, Minno provides an early reference device that is as close as possible to the device you have specified but because engineering, tooling, and component sourcing are required to produce the actual custom device, we are unable to produce early samples. When pre-production samples can be manufactured we will provide reference samples.  When tooling is complete, “golden samples” will be produced and provided as the final near-production sample for customer review, testing and acceptance. Approved golden samples then become the reference device to which all production devices must conform. If you have questions about device samples and/or custom manufacturing, please contact us here!

Other Minno Hardware

  • Self-standing, interactive touch-screen kiosks
  • PC boxes and PC sticks: turn any monitor into a smart monitor
  • 3D LED signage
  • Smart LED lighting
  • Large screen monitors for advertising
  • Handheld scanners for information capture, logistics and inventory management