What is the minimum number of tablets I can order?

Since we work directly with factory sources for enterprise deployments, our minimum production quantity is generally 1000 units. With advance planning we can consolidate smaller orders to get to a production volume.  Minno may have inventory of some models, so please contact us to see what’s available!

Is there a minimum order quantity for custom logo printing or boot-up screen?

Minimum order quantities apply to substitute your logo and boot-up screen for Minno’s product ID.  However, we can add your logo to our standard product ID at smaller quantities for a nominal extra charge.  Please contact our sales department to request custom printed devices.

Can I order tablets with special requirements (bigger screen, more memory, a pre-loaded app)?

Contact our sales department for information on how to place special orders with adjusted specifications or design requirements.

How fast can I get my order?

Most orders take approx 65 days from date of order placement (with deposit) to delivery. If you need something faster, please contact Minno sales to discuss your requirements.

What Makes Minno devices different from other low cost devices I see online?

We manufacture high performance mobile devices using the same supply chain as expensive retail brands. Many inexpensive tablets are assembled from excess component inventory or inventory rejected by major manufacturers. The firmware is often not supported, and you would have to return your device to China. We manage our component supply chain and independently test every device prior to shipment. We save cost because we don’t invest in retail packaging and brand-building; and we sell direct to enterprises deploying mobile technology in volume.

What if I have a problem?

We standby the devices we sell with warranty service or device replacement.  Please contact our sales department for information on extended warranty programs for enterprises.

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