Assembly Partnerships

Many countries have a reservoir of educated technical professionals.  Few have a manufacturing supply chain to support the industrial base that supports those jobs.  Minno RAPs can be the key to creating a local IT manufacturing industry and exports to other regional markets.

Building Assembly Plants

Minno will work with you to identify and certify processes needed to start the construction or re-fitting necessary to build a full high-tech assembly plant.

Supplying SKD Kits

Once the assembly plant has been built, Minno will set up an exclusive supplier partnership with you to deliver high-end SDKs (Semi Knockdown Kits) to ramp-up your production.

Training Staff

Highly educated and trained staffing is hard to come by, that is why we will prepare and train staff to monitor, maintain, and fulfill any order requested.

Bringing the Newest Technology to You

Minno’s Regional Assembly Partnerships (RAP) – such as TSD in Armenia – enable our partners to assemble a Minno-qualified bill of materials in their local market. RAPs reduce landed-cost, create high-value local jobs, and enable support for our products in regional markets.

Jump-Start Your Technology Sector

Semi-Knockdown-Kits (SKDs) are a low-cost and efficient way to bring high-end technology manufacturing into your area. SKDs allow you to avoid costly tariffs and regulations that would otherwise hinder your expansion possibilities.

World Class Training

Minno provides a comprehensive training program for your staff to ensure smooth operations and excellent service. We offer master-level training programs to turn your staff into qualified trainers to facilitate the creation of more tech jobs.


Minno Products

Our own line of high-performance tablets and mobile solutions.

Custom Mobile Devices

We equip teams and enterprises with affordable high-end tablets.

Technology Partnerships

We provide the hardware solution for your software.

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