About Minno

Minno stands for Mobile Innovation.

We are a privately held manufacturer of mobile devices for industry, education, and government, providing a broad range of full-feature devices, priced well below retail.

Leaders in Global Logistics

Minno delivers performance and reliability at low cost by outsourcing manufacturing to trusted and tested partners who produce to our specifications and stringent quality requirements. Minno independently tests for safety and quality control and we guarantee every device we sell.

What Challenge Are We Solving?

Minno has a proven experience in tackling modern technology problems.

Custom Hardware Solutions

We create custom solutions for healthcare, logistics, restaurants and retail, smart room and conference solutions, IoT, and warehouse management. 

High-Volume Supply

Our products include ruggedized tablets and laptops designed to perform in the toughest environments. 

Revolutionary Products

Minno has its own line of high-quality products that include products such as the ThermoTab and One For All

Join the Revolution

Our partners trust us to find the right technology to solve their problems. Whether we’re supplying high-performance tablets or creating a new product from scratch, Minno is the right decision for you.

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Minno Is There for Your to Make Your Plans Into a Reality.

421 N. Milpas Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93103

(805) 962-3084